Retail Events Calendar

We have many exciting events planned for 2014.
If you had joined us for any of our 2013 events, you will know that this is a fun way to get all the tips and tricks to do with gardening, from container planting to food gardening.

We have the following dates planned for events, more info on each closer to the time:

  • 15 February: Bridget Kitley / Summer Herb Garden
  • 8 March: Ernst van Jaarsveld / Veldkos & Succulents
  • 15 March: Rare Plant Fair at Rustenburg Wines in Stellenbosch
  • 5 April: Family Bulb Planting Day & Reptiles from Giraffe House
  • 10 May: Olyvenbosch Olive & Cooking Day
  • 21 June: Olyvenbosch Olive & Cooking Day / Bees for Beginners / Eagle Encounters
  • 26 July: Loubie Rusch / Edible Fynbos (Postponed until 20 Sept)
  • 16 August: Compost Day
  • 15-20 August: Chris Dalzell's Namaqua Tour
  • 6 September: Family Spring Planting Day
  • 20 September: Loubie Rusch / Edible Fynbos
  • 18 & 19 October: Iris Weekend & Bridget Kitley
  • 22 & 23 November: Daylily Weekend
Read more about the Daylily Weekend Read more about the Iris Weekend Read more about the Daylily Weekend Read more about the Iris Weekend

Make note of these events and call 021 884 4313 or email to book your place.

Landscaping Profile

The Pink Geranium has been landscaping the Boland since 1991. Click on the images to see our landscaping profile.

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There is no gardening article for July. Read one of the archived articles and be sure to check again next month.